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JU-ICE-IT is a local business that produces Fresh, Raw, Unpasteurised Juices
and delivers them straight to your door.


Juice Cleanse

A Juice Cleanse consists of four fresh cold pressed juices each day
you just have to choose the amount of days that you want to commit to and we provide the Juice!

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Passionate About Juicing

When I Juice I am not just making a drink, I am making the best form of Vitamin Mineral Supplement on Earth .

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Juicing Workshop and Consultation

You can find out more about Juicing and how it can be incorporated in to your lifestyle by booking a one-to-one Juicing Workshop and Consultation.

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Juice Cleanse


A Juice Cleanse consists of four fresh cold pressed Juices each day – you choose the amount of days that you want to commit to. Read More

JU-ICE-IT PRoducts


8 stimulating flavours including PURPLE POWER, SIMPLY GREEN, CJ SUNSET and HINT OF MINT.

Juice Therapy with JU-ICE-IT


All of our Juices are a nutritional blend of fruits and ingredients by a qualified Natural Juice Therapist

We are what we eat – it’s a case of getting the correct nutrients for your needs

CJ Sunset Juice from JU-ICE-IT

CJ Sunset Juice

This natural antibiotics carrot juice is just loaded with goodness.

Fennel Fusion Juice from JU-ICE-IT

Fennel Fusion Juice

Fennel is also high in vitamin C, potassium and anti-fungal.

Hint of Mint from JU-ICE-IT

Hint of Mint Juice

A good source of vitamin C, whilst mint is very effective at relieving digestive discomfort.

Lean and Green Juice from JU-ICE-IT

Lean and Green Juice

Drink before or after the gym to help feed your muscles.

Purple Power Juice from JU-ICE-IT

Purple Power Juice

All the goodness of Purple Power Smoothie but without the added calories.

Purple Power Smoothie from JU-ICE-IT

Purple Power Smoothie

A nutrient rich powerhouse full of amino acids, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Simply Green Juice from JU-ICE-IT

Simply Green Juice

A nutrient rich green juice full of vitamin C, iron and potassium.

Simply Green Smoothie from JU-ICE-IT

Simply Green Smoothie

All the goodness of Simply Green Juice but with the added nutritional value of avocado

My Journey


In 2010-2011 I was diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism, which could also progress to rheumatoid arthritis.

I can’t thank Juicy Oasis enough for the support and knowledge I gained whilst I was there. I am now a fully qualified Natural Juice Therapist which means I can help others learn the benefits of juicing.

On the Road

You can catch us throughout 2017 at many of the Souths best Juice, and Nutrition Food festivals.

Feel free to pop into our Tent and say hello – we are always happy to give advice and recommend a Juice to match your requirements.